About Us

Award-Winning Children Enrichment Program in multiple locations. (Los Angeles, San Diego)


We challenge curios minds by inspiring children's beliefs, curiosity through the discovery of imagination to life solutions, solves problems and sparks creativity.

Our programs allow children to develop limitless opportunities and critical thinking skills through our STREAM concepts. It is designed for children of all abilities to adapt to their needs while engaging in free or structured play to apply these skills in the real world.

Our trained instructors devote the time to inspire students, and we challenge our instructors to infuse a new way of teaching hands-on PLTW classroom experience.
Science, technology, Reading/Writing, engineering, and mathematics (STREAM) education emphasizes preparing future generations to be successful in their careers. The skills gained from training extend beyond those needed to be successful in STEM fields. It allows innovative ideas with a variety of interests in different industries for valuable skill sets that enable them to be successful.


STREAM (Science, technology, Reading/Writing, engineering, mathematics) is an expanding field of learning activities. There is an increasing number of education industries implementing STREAM learning into their curriculum as part of their teaching.

Fosters creativity

STREAM (Science, technology, Reading/Writing, engineering, mathematics) activities create new ideas and innovations through artificial intelligence or digital learning. Children will design a combination of images, concepts, and text to communicate an idea.

Allows Growth and Development Skills:

Children learn in a fun, safe environment that allows them to try and explore different learning exercises. This environment develops goals and persistence as well as building confidence and resilience to work to complete a project. We designed our process to develop social skills such as patience, communication, and collaboration.

Encourages experimentation through teamwork:

Our hands-on classes engage visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles accommodates children with all levels of abilities. Group activities allow the teams to find a solution to the problem, record the data, write reports, and give presentations. Children thrive in a team environment when they collaborate with others.

Encourages knowledge application& organizational Skills:

In STREAM (Science, technology, Reading/Writing, engineering, mathematics) education, children can apply the skills learned in the real world. With an immediately positive impact, children motivate them to learn and retain it. This positive impact inspires children for a great learning experience, ensure workforce development and college preparedness.

STREAM (Science, technology, Reading/Writing, engineering, mathematics) activities develop organizational skills. This skill transfer into every area of life; at home, school, or in the workplace. Children are most efficient when they can quickly and easily access the material, and they need to complete a task.

Teaches problem-solving:

STREAM (Science, technology, Reading/Writing, engineering, mathematics) education teaches students how to solve problems by using their critical thinking skills. By engaging in these activities, students learn how to examine the issues and then create a plan to address them. Our model nurtures the process of abstract thinking and challenge their minds for a solution to a problem. Children will adapt to the concepts that they learn to various issues or issues.