We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses on various subjects and niches. Children receive specialized training on the selected topic during the duration of the programs The goal is to help broaden their horizons by introducing them to and enhancing their knowledge of a particular topic.



From acquainting children with the basic concepts to teaching them how to code, our computer programming education covers it all. Children between the ages of 4 to 13 years tend to be more receptive to learning new things hence this is the ideal time to instruct them in a new language – which is essentially what coding is! At Innovative Academy, children learn to communicate in a computer programming language and creative building structures such as simple machines, animals, amusement parks, and vehicles.



The courses we offer in this field cover various elements from the principles of animation to storytelling. The aim is to familiarize kids with not only the scientific and technical aspects of a new domain but also to provide them with a platform to experience the joy of artistic pursuit. Whether it is animating characters, learning about stop motion with clay puppets and cut-out figures, 3D animation, and LEGO® . We inspire children and pique their interest in this creative endeavor.

Engineering & Robotics

Robotics is one of the fastest-growing fields and is expected to become even more sought-after in the near future due to our growing dependence on it in our daily lives. Children these days are naturally inquisitive about technology and our Robotics Programs are designed to engage their curiosity and help them learn through games, challenges, and hands-on activities. This includes electronic circuit designing, building robots, programming AI, 3D print creation & processes, maze navigation, etc. We use open-source hardware and software for training kids in robotics such as LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT, Arduino, eRA, Scratch, Turtlebot, V-Rep, VEX, and others.


Visual Arts

Enrich your child’s life with our arts courses. Children are provided with a variety of mediums in which they can dabble at our workshops. Be it doodling, drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, the fundamentals of aesthetics, to the color theory we cover it all in batches of classes that cater to different levels of students. What’s more, kids get to play with colors and clay, experiment with a variety of materials, and enjoy a sense of fulfillment through art.



Kids love puppets and with our puppetry programs, they get to not just play with puppets but also to learn about various puppetry styles, making puppets, operating the puppets, building a stage for a puppet show, and storytelling through puppetry. Puppetry are a fun way to get them to develop essential skills like collaboration, motor skills, imaginative thinking, and more. For all you know your child might just discover that they have a hidden talent for ventriloquism!


Media Arts

Whether it is digital art and installations or projection mapping, at our media art camps we teach children to create artwork using a wide range of materials and technologies. Our guided approach aims to introduce kids to contemporary tools and techniques for expressing their creativity. This program offers them the opportunity to pursue non-traditional artistic mediums and to keep abreast with the new trends and styles from the world of art.



This program helps children learn the ABCs of 3D printing and gives them a first-hand experience in it. They learn everything from how to digitize their sketches to which technology, design files types and formats, software solutions, and materials they should use for successfully designing 3D models and printing 3D objects.


Graphic Design

We have camps that focus on teaching children the fundamentals of graphic design. They learn various aspects of graphic design such as illustration, shaping, image layouts & effects, letter and typeface design, and more. Plus they pick up the technical skills required for translating concepts into visuals by using software like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc. By the end of the camp, they can use different tools and technology for creating web designs and images that are used in prints.


Digital Photography

At these camps, we provide training on how pictures are shot and edited using software like Adobe Creative Cloud. Kids get to learn about the camera basics such as the functions, features, and settings along with the composition rules. Tips and techniques are shared by coaches for clicking awesome landscape, aerial, wildlife, portrait, optical illusion pictures and enhancing them using digital solutions. Your child is sure to impress you with the images they’ve shot during this course!



We offer a variety of music programs from basic to intensive. Whether it is —an introduction to music theory, music composition, music production, songwriting, musical theatre, playing an instrument, — children can choose the music course that they’re most interested in. In a creative and fun environment, they are taught about the various aspects of music creation and performance. Be it building musical scales or the nuances of rhythm they develop a theoretical and practical knowledge that is sure to fuel their passion for