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After School Enrichment Program
Program Details
Our program integrates Science, Technology, Reading/Writing, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into every learning experience. We spark interest in our students to grow and thrive. Based on these concepts, the skills are learned through exploration, investigation, and play. They focus on intentional teaching and allow children to learn best through active participation. We support children in becoming critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators by making connections between diverse skills and STREAM concepts across all learning domains.
⦁ Creativity: innovation and personal expression
⦁ Collaboration: solving the problem by working in a group
⦁ Critical Thinking: develop the ability to gather, analyze, and interpret information for problem-solving
⦁ Communication: Listening, presenting, public speaking

Tuition will be paid monthly, including shuttle transportation from school dismissal to our learning center at Rancho Bernardo Swim and Tennis.

Fees cover all minimum days and parent/teacher conferences. Fees have been calculated based upon an annualized rate of the total number of program days and divided into ten equal monthly payments regardless of the number of school days per month of service. Because of this, the days of service may vary from month to month – therefore, there are no credits or refunds for shorter months.

STREAM activities are offered throughout the classroom, and children will discover;

Hand-on applied learning model with measurements and calculations for engineering, physics, and science.
Robotics(LEGO project build) and introduction to coding concepts. Creative opportunities such as reading, dramatic play, and music
Collaborative, small group digital experiences
Homework assistance

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Afterschool Enrichment Care 5 DAYS $1400

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⦁ Child Tax Credit is a program that may reduce the Federal tax owed for each qualifying child under 17.
⦁ Your employer may provide a flexible Spending Dependent Account (FSA) to allow pre-tax dollars for child care costs.
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